Nail The New Year By Embracing These 2024 Nail Trends

Fashion trends come and go, but these 2024 nail trends have some serious staying power. Because we said so. That's how manifesting works, tight? Chrome nails have been around for a hot minute, and we expect to see them continue their dominance in 2024, but other trends are entering the party, too.

1. Nude Nails with Colorful Tips

For 2024, the French classic gets a little twist. Keep your nails nude and simple, and then add a pop of color to the nail's tip. Bonus points if the pops of color are different on each nail.

2. Vampirecore Nails

Get a little vampy with blood-red nails, the darker side of the feminine pink Barbiecore moment we're having.

3. Minimalist Nail Art

The spring 2024 runways were rife with nude nails featuring minimalist nail art. So, grab some nude nail polish and a black paint pen and paint whatever your heart desires.

4. Balletcore Nails

Thinking pink? You’re not alone. Soft pinks have been all over the runways, and we're declaring the light pink trend balletcore.

5. Short Nails

If the clacking of stiletto nails against your keyboard drives you bonkers, just know that it's your time to shine. Short nails are in, and we're here for it.

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