Celebrate The End Of Summer With These August Nail Design Ideas

August is kind of a weird month. On one hand, it’s the last month of summer and it’s as hot as the surface of the sun. On the other hand, we can’t stop thinking about fall and everything pumpkin spiced. But on both hands, we’re sporting these August nail design ideas.

1. Melting Ice Cream Nail Art

Speaking of warm weather…here’s your reminder to eat your ice cream quickly. And get extra sprinkles, obviously.

2. Back 2 School Breakfast Nail Art

We love breakfast and we love being extra, so this nail set is a dream come true.

3. Summer Harvest Nails

Skip the dirt and get the best of summertime nature painted on your nails. Follow us for more life hacks.

4. French Chrome Nails

French tips, meet chrome. You can pay our matchmaking fee later.

5. Cherry Red Tips

Are they cherries? Hearts? Little sunburned corgi bums? The world may never know.

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