These Simple Fall Nail Designs Are The Stunning Solution For Your Packed Schedule

There are a ton of things to love about autumn. There's the gorgeous colors of dying leaves, pumpkin spice flavored everything (and we do mean everything), and an aesthetic that's some folks' entire personality. Whether you're ready to go rummage through the pumpkin patch or just want to cozy up in an oversized blanket, your hands will look great rocking these fall nails.

1. Red and Gold Nails

This deep red with gold, leaf-like flecks keeps the whole aesthetic from feeling too “Christmas.” Not that there’s anything wrong with Christmas! We just want to justify waiting to do our shopping.

2. Tiger Stripes and Maple Leaves

This is what the tigers look like in our dreams. No we don't have anxiety, why do you ask?

3. Black and White Nails

The best way to make a black and white design exciting? Take a page out of that 90s goth aesthetic. It was never a phase!

4. Matte Abstract Nails

Is it a Southwestern sunset? Is it a fall-colored pattern we want to see on ceramic plates? Is it an egg dish at an overpriced restaurant? Either way, we now know what we want for our birthday. (Pretty ceramic plates of a Southwestern sunset and brunch at Bouchon.)

5. Dark Colors and Abstract Leaves

These leaves may not use the classic fall colors, but the dark colors and strategic use of glitter has us feeling autumnal nonetheless. And wondering where our Kaboodle is these days.

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