Think Outside The (Toy) Box With These Barbie And Ken Costumes

Thanks to the publicity surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie, Barbie and Ken costumes will be some of the most popular looks this Halloween. You may not have the same great hair as Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, but at least you can wear the same clothes as them!

1. Cowgirl Barbie

Another one of Margot Robbie’s looks from the movie is this pink cowgirl extravaganza. It’s nothing new – just go to Nashville and you’ll see at least fourteen bachelorette parties dressed up exactly like this.

2. Denim Ken

It’s Ryan Gosling. It’s Lance Bass. It’s…Ken? Whoever it is needs to give us the number of their personal trainer. Abs sold separately.

3. Midlife Crisis Barbie and Ken

To create this costume, you first need to order a couple refrigerators to get two giant boxes. Then you’ll probably want to brainstorm what to do with all those fridges.

4. Barbie in the Box

One small step for womankind, one giant leap for Barbie. This isn’t the most practical costume choice, as it requires you to stand in a two-by-two square box.

5. Vacation Barbie and Ken Costume

You get the formula to these costumes by now. Pink. Blue. And for this, something a little tropical. Just like a really confusing gender reveal. With mojitos!

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