Barbie Movie Merch You Can Enjoy Without Moving To Malibu

There’s only one movie coming out on July 21 that’s everything our pink-tinged dreams have wanted since we were six. Barbie looks like the most fun existential crisis you’ll have. So let’s go party into a life in plastic with this Barbie movie merch.

1. Barbie the Movie x AQUA Heart Crystal Mini Crossbody

Remember when you were so excited to “graduate” from Claire’s? Well, this purse looks exactly like the first thing you bought when you stepped foot in the big girl store.

2. Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate in Barbie Bright Yellow

Ken never goes anywhere without his skates — and now you don’t have to either. No car will ever have an excuse to run you off the road again!

3. Barbie Dreamhouse Candle

Unfortunately, our Barbie Dreamhouse smelled like burnt plastic from the time we tried to curl Barbie’s hair with our mom’s curling iron. We’re pretty sure that’s not what this candle smells like, though.

4. CozyChic Barbie Adult Robe

If there’s a Stays in Bed Too Long Scrolling TikTok Barbie, she has our heart. And she’s also probably wearing this incredibly luxurious robe.

5. Barbie Classic Clog

Once Barbie loses her heels, it seems like this pair of Crocs would be a perfect fit. Are they fashionable? We truly don’t know anymore. But they are pink, and that’s all that matters.

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