These Barbie Nail Designs Will Bring Barbiecore Into Your Life

Barbie has been a fashion icon since day one. And even though she’s mostly known for her clothes, cars, and houses, these Barbie nail designs are a great way to embrace her stellar style.

1. Basically Barbie Nail Art

No one needs to know that a botched drawing of Ken is under those glitter nails. Your secret is safe with us.

2. Perfectly Barbie Gel Tips

Bonus points if you figure out how to make the glitter in this accent nail move like a snowglobe. Magician Barbie, where you at?

3. Pink Ombre Barbie Nails

We love a simple pink ombre manicure. We also love iced coffee. With vanilla. And cold foam on top. Just saying.

4. Light Pink Barbie Nails

Understated, with a hint of sparkle. Just because we said we would be subtle, didn’t mean we had to be boring.

5. Barbie Star Nails

Be like Barbie, and be the star of your own life. Or at least slap some stars onto your nails. It’s a good start!

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