Nothing Says "I Am the Night" Like These Adorable Bat Tattoos

When it comes to cute Halloween tattoos, it’s hard to go wrong with a bat. If you’re into that whole spoopy (that’s “cute spooky”) vibe, these cute bat tattoos are where it’s at.

1. My Little Pony Bat Tattoo

When you’re magical and the darkness and also very cute. This My Little Pony bat tattoo is by Jackie Huertas.

2. Pumpkin Bat

This Halloween bat showing off his pumpkin carving skills. Make sure to compliment him so he doesn’t get a complex. Bat tattoo by Isobel Morton. Pony bat tattoo is by Jackie Huertas.

3. Cat Bat

“What do you mean we’re out of candy?”

4. Bat and Moon Tattoo

The moment that fall breeze sets in. Tattoo by Katarina Mermay.

5. Dark Bat Tattoo

This jet black bat tattoo that captures the I am the night aesthetic with its moon and star detail. Tattoo by Alexandra Fische.

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