23 Black Halloween Nail Ideas to Try Next

Black Halloween nails are the penultimate way to celebrate the Halloween season. (The final touch is actually wearing a costume, even if it's just one of the face masks.) These spooky nails adorned with skeletons, pentagrams, and haunted forests will make your grandma say, “Honey, you really would be so beautiful if you only painted them a normal color.”

1. Pennywise Nails

We found the newest it nail trend. And, if your nails ever creep you out too much, just remember the lovely Bill Skarsgård is underneath that makeup. And, under that, the real Pennywise.

2. Skeleton Nails

No bones about it, this manicure is to die for. But, that might make painting your nails difficult..

3. Haunted Woods Nails

This mixture of coffin and almond nails is leaving us feeling morbidly snackish and ready for the next seance. You've already got the appetizers covered!

4. Black and Green Oogie Boogie Nails

Even if A Nightmare Before Christmas' Oogie Boogie Man turns out more like Slimer or a green blob, you're already ahead of us with these black Halloween nails. (We left our nail polish at home.)

5. Sinister Pumpkin Nails

Stamp evil jack-o-lanterns all over your nails with these stamping plates. Just don't use them for actual stamps. The postmaster general already wrote someone a strongly worded letter about that this year.

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