A bubbly drink is like drinking glitter. Thankfully, it tastes way better and doesn't require a trip to the crafts store. If you're in search of a tasty, sparkly beverage, we found the best champagne cocktails for you here.

1. Cotton Candy Champagne

"Elevated State Fair" may sound like an oxymoron, but this cotton candy recipe is anything but confusing. How to get out of a fun house, on the other hand, will have us bewildered for days. Can someone come help us?

2. Caramel Apple Mimosa

Bobbing for apples? Or drinking caramel apple mimosas? We'll skip the waterboarding and opt for the latter.

3. Christmas Champagne Cocktail

The weather outside may be frightful, but this cranberry, orange, champagne cocktail is delightful! Fun fact: it tastes great in July, too.

4. Rose Syrup French 75

For a fun variation, opt for Empress 1908 gin and rose syrup. This will give the classic champagne cocktail a purple hue (thanks to the butterfly pea flower in the gin), and add a delightful floral flavor.

5. Blood Orange Champagne Sangria

Our doctor told us to eat more citrus. We assume that drinking it counts just the same?

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