Pretty Christmas Nail Ideas

By Ashley Hubbard

This sparkly manicure by Imarni Nails has tons of twinkle. Even better, you can keep them for New Year’s Eve, provided you don’t touch anything for a week.

Starry Nails


Now you’ll have at least two ornaments the cat doesn’t break — three if you include the kevlar tree topper we bought at the Army surplus store.

Polar Bears

These adorable hand-painted polar bears are great icebreakers and stand out against the snowy white coffin nails by Emily Gilmour.

Candy Canes

These press-ons are perfect for Christmastime and require neither tape nor steady hands 

We love this plaid nail design by Aja Walton. Create it, then throw on some flannel and go chop down your own Christmas tree. Preferably one without an owl living in it.

Plaid Nails


These bright red nails matched with a deep green Christmas floral  pattern are just the right amount of whimsical