13 Coconut Rum Cocktails to Make This Summer

When it comes to cocktails, seasonality matters. Hot Buttered Rum and Old Fashioneds match the mood of those cozy winter months, whereas Aperol Spritzes and coconut rum cocktails like Pina Coladas are best sipped while lounging poolside. Or sitting under a sprinkler. Here are our favorites to get you started.

Is this Mojito cocktail what they meant when they said put the lime in the coconut? And how do you get it in there again? We threw out the instructions.

This creamy coconut cocktail is essentially the Puerto Rican take on Eggnog. Enjoy it at Christmas, or in August when all the craft stores start putting out their Christmas decorations.

This colorful red-and-orange cocktail screams Malibu without the residents actually screaming at you to get off their private beach.

If you can’t get to Hollywood’s Star Wars-themed Scum and Villany Cantina (or to Disneyland), now you can enjoy spiked blue milk at home. Even without your own Bantha. Which is probably a good thing since they’re impossible to housetrain.

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