How To Make A Cartoon Cake, Plus 15 Cool Design Ideas

1. Roller Skating Comic Cake

This cake uses muted, pastel colors with a roller skate cake topper. Is it normal to feel jealous of 10 year olds? Oh right. Some of them are rich because they like corn. Of course it is!

2. Festive 2023 Cartoon Cake

Who needs champagne to ring in the new year when you could serve cake instead? Please join us in our campaign to celebrate everything with cake in 2023.

3. Pink Vintage Comic Cake

We finally understand what they mean by “visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.” Visions of this vintage cake are living in our head rent free. Can you at least refill the Brita while you’re here?

4. Birthday Cartoon Cake Slice

We found the missing slice! It was under the bed, right next to a sock that’s been missing since 2015 and a pile of candy wrappers from Halloween. Ooh look, an uneaten Reese’s!

5. Orange Comic Cake

Pink is a popular choice for cartoon cakes, but we love this orange  and yellow version as a sunny alternative. We’ll take the piece with the extra frosting. No no, the other one.

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