34 Amazing Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

After planning out your complex and complicated costume, makeup can be an afterthought. But these eye-popping and cool Halloween eye makeup ideas may just have us planning a costume around them instead of the other way around.

1. Sidney from Scream Eyes

This fun Scream-inspired look is the slasher equivalent of the flirty blink in Raiders of the Lost Ark. We'll try it if it attracts a young Harrison Ford, but Ghostface better back off.

2. Bruja Eye Makeup Look

BRB—we'll just be anointing ourselves and heading to the clearing to meet with Black Phillip. Also, this look is a great way to cover up that you're totally rolling your eyes at everyone at the party.

3. Beetlejuice Eyes

This relatively simple green and purple color combo may be enough to invoke Beetlejuice. As long as he's not busy. I mean, it is kinda short notice.

4. Green Spider Eyes

You could rock this acid green spider web look to a Halloween party if you want. But we love it for a psychobilly show, horror convention, a car show, or the Eras Tour. Did Taylor Swift have an arachnid era yet?

5. Bookworm Makeup

We know that house centipedes are our friends and eat up other bugs that would be worse to have in our bathroom. But when those little creatures speed over our bare feet at night, we still scream. Can you tell this look has triggered us?

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