42 Mind-Blowingly Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas

We're going to start practicing these looks, from scary monsters to insanely realistic body horror, to gorgeous recreations of our favorite characters (like Pennywise and the Mad Hatter). Get ready to subscribe to our YouTube channel of Unsuccessful Attempts to Copy Pro Makeup Artists. Jk jk. Maybe.

1. Exposed Brain Makeup

There are so many options for this cool Halloween makeup idea—the "Brain" cenobite, Ray Liotta in Hannibal, and us after we tried to figure out the previous look.

2. Glam Jigsaw Makeup

This is for the girlies who want to be scary cute. If we were doing this look, we would absolutely track down an adult-size tricycle for our commute. Learning how to ride it is a whole separate issue.

3. Sketchy Skull Makeup

This comic book–like design manages to be gruesome and terrifying without any bright colors in the gore. No need to ruin your neutral aesthetic on behalf of Halloween.

4. Mushroom Queen Makeup

You know, we used to love to cook and eat mushrooms for a fungal feast, and then we watched The Last of Us. And then we saw this picture. And then we backed slowly away from the grocery store portobellos.

5. Melting Jack-O-Lantern Makeup

Maybe you've never aspired to be the Pumpkin King. Maybe your pumpkin aspirations are to look like a jack o' lantern the week after Halloween, when it's been rained on a few times and nibbled by squirrels.

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