Couple Tattoo Ideas to Get With Your Boo

The divorce rate in the US has hit a 50 year low, with fewer married couples getting divorced than ever. What better way to tempt fate than  by getting couple tattoos with your beloved?

1. Tattooed Rings

This is a tidy alternative to wedding rings, which can be lost or outgrown. And while hand tattoos can be incredibly painful, this one is also incredibly fast.

2. Disney Themed

Mickey and Minnie may be the only couple that is truly guaranteed not to break up. So follow their lead, and also give everyone fair warning that you’re a Disney Adult.

3. Scenic Tattoos

I love the ocean, and my husband loves the sea. So this couples tattoo is a great example of how differences can look the same at the end of the day. Even if you do have to trade off on choosing vacation spots.

4. Science Tattoos

This is the symbol for serotonin, which can be hard to come by these days. So if you find someone that makes you feel good, this can be a perfect reminder of that, even during the hard times.

5. Favorite Food Tattoo

This one has bonus points because it’s also a subtle nod to Lady and the Tramp, and our ability to use utensils. A real victory for opposable thumbs.

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