30 Halloween Costumes For Couples That’ll Win Any Contest

Whether you’re dressing up with a partner or a friend, we compiled a list of the best couples costume ideas so you don’t have to. Now you have more time for you to focus on all your other to-do lists that you will definitely complete.

Who wouldn’t want to dress as two blonde bombshells in capes?

1. Thor and Jane

To create the Theranos founder’s iconic look, you can go as your normal self with some bright red lipstick. As for her counterpart, Balwani is an easy outfit to recreate with a pairing of green juice.

Halloween costumes are like onions: delicious, and require a lot of perfume to cover the smell of being stuffed into the back of a closet for 11 months out of the year.

Choose your players: Maverick and Goose, or Maverick and Rooster. Either way, someone should start growing out a mustache ASAP. And the other should…join Scientology?

4. Top Gun and Goose

Just bust out that striped shirt you’ve been afraid of wearing for fear of looking like a mime. Then, ask your four-year-old nephew to paint your face.

5. French Kiss

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