Here's How to Dress As Fashionable Cruella de Vil This Halloween

It’s about time for us to start listing out costume ideas, only to procrastinate and then panic two days before Halloween and Amazon order anything that resembles an outfit. But times are a'changing, and we're going for one of these Cruella de Vil costume ideas this year. Decision is hot on us.

Call us traditionalists, but the original cartoon is what we think of when someone utters the name "Cruella." The 1961 Disney film depicts Ms. DeVille with a long fur coat–definitely made from an endangered species—red gloves, and, of course, a cigarette holder.

1. Classic Cruella Costume

No dogs were harmed in the making of this outfit from the 2021 film, however convincing it may seem. The wig colors are opposite from the dress colors, giving a yin yang quality to the look.

2. Dalmatian Dress Outfit

The costumes for the 1996 adaptation were so good, Glenn Close kept them. This red number has the over-the-top flair de Vil is known for—and the devilish tone referenced by her name.

3. Glenn Close's Cruella

Emma Stone’s Cruella wears this costume on top of a car – a parked one. We don’t recommend doing it on top of a moving car, but if you’re stuck in traffic on the freeway, then it’s probably fine.

4. Petal Dress

In the newest film, Cruella enters a black-and-white masquerade in a white cloak, which she removes and burns, revealing a signature red gown.

5. Flame Dress

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