Cute Halloween Nail Designs So You Can Yassify Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is a lifestyle. And amind all the excitement, it's easy to forget that portable decorations exist in the form of cute Halloween nails. We're sure there are other uses for nails, but we can't think of any. Pass the black polish, please! Halloween nail art comes in many varieties. You can go creepy and spooky, or lighten things up with adorable ghosts, bats, and pumpkins.

1. Pink Heart Halloween Nails

Why choose between hearts and skulls when you can just mash them all together in one set? Just don't mash them too hard. That's how you get headaches. And dancing monsters.

2. Chrome Pumpkin Nails

These chrome pumpkins look good enough to eat. Once they're turned into pies, obviously.

3. Nude Halloween Nails

If your vibe is more understated, this cute Halloween nail design is perfect. And by that, we mean it does a great job of hiding grown out nails. So functional!

4. Cute 3D Halloween French Tips

These 3D Halloween nails are a great reminder to keep your hands to yourself so you don't snag on everything you pass by. Especially all the glittery ghosts in hiding.

5. Retro Halloween Nails

The floral ghosts are adorable, but we can't stop looking at the happy little mushrooms. It probably has nothing to do with that mysterious pile of mushrooms we just ate.

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