33 Evil Disney Villain Tattoos For The Wicked At Heart

For some reason, we always sympathize with the monsters. If you're also secretly tempted by the dark side, check out these incredible Disney villain tattoos. When it comes down to it, we know good always triumphs over evil. It's just that evil usually looks so much cooler as it's being vanquished.

1. See You in Hades Tattoo

Considering he's the god of the underworld, Hades doesn't seem like such a terrible guy. Now maybe getting this tattoo would help us get a handle on our own Pain and Panic.

2. Neon Poisoned Apple Tattoo

These vibrant colors make the apple so tantalizing. We kinda get why Snow White fell for it. Just ignore the skull, right?

3. Cruella de Vil Sleeve

We may not approve of her love of dog fur, but we can't deny that Cruella has "all eyes on me" glamour. She's got that rizz, as the kids say.

4. Mirror, Mirror Tattoo

It's really unfair that the Queen's mirror gets lumped in with her villainy merely for always speaking the truth. The truth hurts, babe.

5. Lady Tremaine Tattoo

We do not see enough love for Lady Tremaine, who represents wicked stepmothers everywhere. She's just a fierce mama bear looking out for her own. And someone's gotta clean the fireplace.

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