21 Easy Halloween Cocktails

When it comes to themed drinks, there's no holiday that's easier to craft cocktails for than Halloween. From floating eyeballs to dry ice effects, the best Halloween drinks are spooky, eerie, and if done right, delicious. If done badly, simply pour it into the cauldron as an offering to the spirits.

The cocktail is a mixture of butterscotch schnapps, vodka, and apple cider that's ideally not made from apples given to you by a witch.

Most witches brews consists of caffeine and more caffeine, but it probably doesn't hurt to try something new once in a while. Especially if it turns your mouth blue!

This iridescent ombre Halloween cocktail is everything we want in a drink, minus a little umbrella. It's a combination of apple vodka (or brandy), grenadine, blackberry liqueur, and glitter.

Spruce up your friend's mad scientist laboratory with these vials filled with bright red strawberry daiquiris.

A little purple food coloring goes a long way in making this raspberry-and-lime-flavored vodka cocktail stand out.

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