19 Fall Nail Ideas for Every Autumn Occasion, Including Staying Inside

'Tis the season for falling leaves, fresh pumpkin spice lattes, and nail art of all kinds. From classic French manicures to more ornate looks, there are fall nail ideas for all autumn occasions. Yes, even bingeing The Office for the umpteeth time under a mountain of blankets. Hey look, we found donuts down here!

1. Earthy Pebble Nails

Creating a pebbly manicure is easy, chic, and perfect for fooling people into thinking that you’re outdoorsy. Pair it with platform sneakers and $90 leggings that you’re not actually supposed to sweat in, and you're good to go!

2. Almond-Shaped Snake Nails

This slithery snake is equal parts cute and spooky. Like us before coffee.

3. Caramel Apple-Colored Gradient

The right combination of green, brick red, and brown makes a tasty treat for your tips. Thankfully, these are way less sticky than a real caramel apple. Probably about the same amount of nutritious, though.

4. Pops of Plaid

Who needs to save up for a Burberry bag? Instead, overpay a salon that gives you a glass of gas station wine to paint the iconic checked pattern on your nails.

5. Mushroom Accent Nails

Use a nail file to achieve a round nail with a longer length, then make your best efforts to create these fabulous fungi on an accent nails. Hey, some mushrooms are just brown blobs!

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