16 Tasty Fireball Whiskey Recipes to Heat Things Up

Let’s be honest, Fireball Whiskey recipes aren’t often a staple in a fancy mixologist’s playbook—a Moscow Mule it is not. The hot cinnamon whiskey combo is usually the stuff of bets lost, dreams forgotten, and tongues gone numb. But it still has a warm place in the hearts and mouths of the masses. College taught us well.

This whipped cream with maple syrup and a hint of lemon is certainly a delight for the taste buds. Maybe not as much of a delight for you the next morning, but that depends on how well-stocked your fridge is.

Cherry Jell-O, Fireball, and maraschino cherries—oh my. Jell-O has never been more risque than with this spicy spin on a jiggly party staple. I mean, if you discount every cookbook from the 1950s.

This boozy concoction is a simple mix of amaretto, eggnog, and our favorite cinnamon whiskey. Who says it has to be the holidays to enjoy a little nog? Think of this drink as a cozy blanket for your taste buds. Without the fuzz on your tongue.

Harvest the flavors of Fall with this fruity and spicy sangria. White wine (red could work in a pinch), apple cider, and a splash of club soda create your new go-to punch.

Dessert and alcohol are a classic pairing. Why not make the ultimate dessert into the ultimate cocktail? All you need is apple cider, vodka, and Fireball for a treat with a spicy edge.

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