Flower Tattoos That Will Live Forever, Unlike Your House Plants

While it’s not necessary that your tattoos have a meaning, it's easy to find one with flower tattoos. Sunflowers represent vitality and happiness. Roses represent love, or even loss when paired with thorns. Lotus flowers represent calmness. And, all of these look great as ink.

1. Cats and Poppies Tattoo

A little remembrance flower tattoo idea for your feline friends. We’re sure they’re having a blast tearing those flowers to shreds in the afterlife.

Photo Credit: @soltattoo

2. Colorful Flower Arm Band

Friends, we’re taking back the arm band tattoo. No more barbed wire, no more tribal bands. It’s colorful florals all the way.

Photo Credit: @irang.ink

3. Sunflower in Bloom Tattoo

This may look like a flower-in-bloom tattoo, but it’s really a self-portrait of us opening up. Back when we were blonde, anyway.

Photo Credit: @_rony_tattoo

4. Spring Blossom Tattoo

Enjoy spring blossoms permanently with no risk of allergies. Unless you’re allergic to ink. In which case…what are you doing here?

Photo Credit: @ilwolhongdam

5. Trader Joe's Flower Bag Tattoo

Our self care routine, you ask? Flowers, tattoos, and the best snacks from Trader Joe’s. With this, you get all three!

Photo Credit: @morgansierratattoo

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