25 Fourth Of July Cocktails That'll Make The Fireworks Even More Spectacular

1. Bomb Pop Drink

If you’ve never stormed an ice cream truck and turned your mouth an array of artificial colors, have you ever really done summer? The Bomb Pop is an iconic summer treat, with an iconic drink to accompany it.

2. Red, White and Blue Sangria

This patriotic sangria gets both its flavor and colors from fresh summer fruits and chilled white wine. The combination of fruit, sugar and white Moscato wine will have you sippin’ all summer long.

3. Rum Slush

Sure, the use of Hawaiian Punch with rum might have you questioning if anything from your childhood is really sacred. But the answer is no and the new question is: is it too tasty to care?

4. Blueberry Vodka Lemonade

Starting your day with a lemon blueberry muffin and ending it with a lemon blueberry beverage is an excellent way to ensure you get your antioxidants and also get turnt.

5. Layered Berry Piña Colada

Strawberries, blueberries, and coconut shine in this tri-colored take on a piña colada that will impress everyone at the cookout. You can save your handstands and cartwheels for next year.

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