20 Fall Cocktails to Drink This Season

We always love a good fall cocktail. Whether it's on a rooftop bar or in a dimly lit speakeasy somewhere only the cool kids know about. And, while summer is our favorite time to enjoy an outdoor drink, once fall's cool breezes set in, we're more than happy to cozy up with a blanket and a hot toddy.

This fall cocktail combines honey, vanilla, and rum with pumpkin pie spice to create the best spiked PSL yet.

On its own, the Bouldevardier — a combination of bourbon, vermouth, and Campari — is one of the best classic cocktails. Blend those ingredients with apple cider and cinnamon simple syrup (recipe included) and you've probably upset a bunch of mixology snobs.

Maple meets bourbon in this Old Fashioned that we're making right now. :turns off camera on Zoom:

Elderflower and pomegranate juice come together with a touch of fresh ginger in this seasonal mocktail that could also work around the holidays.

Spice meets sweet butterscotch meets apple cider in this drink that is probably going to give us a hangover but we're going to have three of anyway.

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