67 Funny Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween

We’ve saved you the endless Googling and trips to Party City and found the best funny couples costumes for you and your sweetie. Whether you’re the type of couple that wins cosplay contests or are last-minute planning your Halloween costume the morning of October 31, there’s something for everyone among these.

You rang? The best part about this Wednesday Addams and Lurch combo is having an excuse to show off your knife skills. And your tall boyfriend.

1. Wednesday Addams and Lurch

Perfect for South Park fans and lazy portrait artists.

2. South Park's Terrance and Phillip

We love Halloween costumes that you can create with what’s already in your closet. Or that you can painstakingly put together with many separate purchases.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

Oof. We just remembered we’re still accruing late fees for Emmanuelle 2.

4. Blockbuster Employees

Millennials and our obsession with avocado toast get a bad rep, at least we'll never own a house.

5. Millenials

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