Whether you’re the type of couple that wins cosplay contests or are last-minute planning your funny couples Halloween costume the morning of October 31, there’s something for everyone among these.

1. Bob's Burgers

Tina Belcher is who we think about when we think about the eldest sibling on Bob’s Burgers.

2. Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny

Switch it up and bring the patriarchy down all at the same time.

3. Bob Ross and Painting

Bob Ross was doing ASMR way before YouTubes of people chewing gum was a thing. Bonus points for squirrels attached to your happy little tree costume.

4. NASA Astronaut and the Moon

Much as we love the phrase “bun in the oven,” this has us considering “a small moon in our uterus.”

5. S'mores and Fire

You still want s’more couple costumes? Well…

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