26 Funny Group Halloween Costumes For All Your Spooky Pals

Finding the right Halloween costume for just one person can be daunting, let alone coming up with funny group costumes. So this year, take charge of the group chat and pick out a funny Halloween costume that everyone will love. Because, like, who doesn’t love a micromanager?

There is a whole Spiderverse of costume ideas. There’s Miles Morales, Spider-Punk, Spider-Man India, Gwen Stacy, and even Peter B. Parker.

1. Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse

Jinkies! We love this update, because there is no better Halloween costume than the Mystery Gang. It’s also a costume your dog can join in on.

2. Mystery Inc. and the Hex Girls

It’s astounding…time is—oh, we mean it's astounding how many people you can get in on a group costume like this one. Everyone will be waiting for your arrival at the Halloween party, shivering with antici…pation.

3. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Spice up your life and have some pun. There is a whole McCormick collection of inspiration. Head into your favorite grocery store and start writing out your shopping list. No, salt is not a spice.

4. Spice Girls

Finally, a costume for your love triangle. Whether you're Bella, Jacob, or Edward, all you really need is to embrace your angst. And carry around a sprinkler so you can capture the realism of the Pacific Northwest.

5. Twilight

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