Fun Gel Nail Designs  for Everyone With Short Nails

These short gel nails don’t skimp on design or looks, and you’ll still be able to do things like open your car door and wear clothes with buttons. Sure, you may not  win a Kylie Jenner look alike contest, but did you really want to put  on all that lip liner anyway?

1. Rainbow Nails

These groovy rainbow nails will match your case of White Claw, and you won’t even have to get  someone to open the can for you. Independent Woman, your table is ready!

2. Dotted Nails

These short speckled nails are the optimal choice for those of us who  weren’t blessed with the steady hands of a surgeon. Or the accompanying  paycheck.

3. Galaxy Nails

We’ll try out these purple short gel nails with a celestial scene to start, but next time we want something that matches our lightsaber a bit better.

4. Primary Nails

These three colors make for a gorgeous color palette in this artsy  short gel nail design. Although we usually prefer to include some  complimentary colors. They just make us feel good about ourselves.

5. Marble Nails

This nail design is subtle and classy, but be careful chopping things in the kitchen. You may mistake your nails for the counter. Actually, probably better to just order take out again.

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