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35 Gifts For The Wife Who Says She Has Everything (She Doesn’t)

Choosing the right gifts for your wife is a challenging task. News flash: perfume and jewelry aren’t the only things you can get her! We put together a list of creative gifts for every kind of woman just to prove it. Us? Competitive? No… never.

1. Support Your Local Library Shirt, $10.79+

Book nerds, librarians, and impassioned civil servants alike would love this retro library tee. Fill the box with books and you’ll see your wife again in three weeks.

2. Bala Bangles Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights (Set of 2), $49

These cult-favorite weights will add an element of challenge to any workout. Illuminati-approved.

3. Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Skateboard Deck, $220

This unique skateboard deck features an Andy Warhol pop art print. And a portion of the proceeds go to NGO Skateistan, an organization that empowers kids with skateboarding education.

4. Genetics & DNA Softcover Notebook, $24.95

The ideal gift if your wife is a biologist who needs a place to record the results of her experiments.

5. Transatlantica Cup & Saucers, Set of 4, $252

A fancy tea set will make your wife feel like a Queen as she enjoys her afternoon cup. She’ll simply lose her head when she sees these. Too soon?

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