Everything You Need for the Perfect Gomez Addams Halloween Costume

Gomez Addams is creepy and kooky, and he wifed up Morticia. In doing so, he created one of the happiest and healthiest couples in the history of cinema. We’ve got what you need for the perfect Gomez Halloween costume. You just work on your tango.

Gomez Addams is known for his iconic suave, mustachioed look. You can nail the vibe with a short black wig and a stick-on mustache or face paint. If you’ve already got short hair, just slick it back with some gel and black hair spray.

Gomez’s style has shifted here and there over the years, but he’s always got a black-and-white striped suit in his wardrobe.

Even Gomez Addams can’t live without the basics. A white collared shirt is a staple in any wardrobe. Plus, when Halloween's over, you can slay like all the TikTok girlies who are bringing back menswear.

When it comes to neck accessories, feel free to mix it up a bit (because Gomez sure has). He’s been seen in a black tie, red bow tie, and most recently in a luxe vampy red neck tie.

Gomez Addams is a class act, and his shoes round out the look. It’s giving 1950s patriarch, but we know that's not how he rolls.

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