We’re Actually Scared Of How Good These Halloween Nails Look

Halloween is right around the corner…and so is that creepy girl from The Ring! Run! Now, when you recover from that scare (take your time), check out these ideas for Halloween nails. Whether you want people to react with “Awww” or “Ahhh,” these nail designs will fit every October occasion, from pumpkin patches to midnight graveyard dance parties.

1. Scary Venom Nail Design

The perfect nails for when you don’t want anyone to bother you. They’ll scare away everyone from your bothersome boss to your annoying aunt.

2. Pastel Witchy Stars and Moons Nail Art

Get your cauldron ready, it’s spell time! Where’s the one that cleans the house again? We were so busy painting our nails that we ran out of time.

3. Ombre Candy Corn Nails

Too old to go trick or treating? These nails are the next best thing. And now that we think about it, they might taste shockingly similar to actual candy corn.

4. Black Cat Nail Tips

What’s more adorable than nails with peeping black cats? Nothing. We’ve literally scoured the universe and still haven’t found anything. Let us know if you do!

5. Blood-Spattered Nail Design

If Patrick Bateman was into nail art, this would definitely be his go-to look. So if you choose this design, just be warned that you might start to fancy murders and executions.

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