20 Halloween Tattoos To Show Your Love of Spooky Season

For some of us, Halloween never ends. Because why would you want to wait for spooky season when it's clearly the best time of year? If you agree, then maybe it’s time to consider one of these Halloween tattoos.

1. Grim Reaper on a Bike Tattoo

Well that’s it. We’ve found another way to make our cat hate us!

2. Kitty Ghost Face Tattoo

“Would you like to play a game?” – our cat, right before they bite us for being forced to go in a bike basket.

3. Ghost Face Tattoo

This is the exact face we make whenever our phone rings, too.

4. Wizard Frog Tattoo

Frog or wizard? Both, if you put a witch hat on a frog and give them a spell to cast! Preferably one that doesn’t require frog legs.

5. Babadook Tattoo

This doubles as homage to one of the most underrated Halloween movies and as an LGBTQ+ tattoo. Just in case you’re running out of skin real estate after getting that Ben Affleck back tat.

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