Even A Muggle Can Wear These Magical Harry Potter Nail Designs

As soon as there's a chill in the air, we're re-watching Harry Potter. And now, we can look even cuter casting our spells with these Harry Potter nail designs. The series about wizards and witches and Hogwarts the school for magical youth is a comfort watch for many, with characters that jump off the page and the screen.

1. Marauder's Map Nails

If you solemnly swear you're up to no good, your nail tech can give you these nails. If you see a guy named Peter pop up though, you should tell someone. Like your husband Peter.

2. Harry Potter Manicure

Today we realized the Hogwarts houses are all primary colors except for Slytherin. They just have to be different.

3. Hufflepuff Nails

Hufflepuffs are known for being loyal, kind, and patient. The symbol is a badger, which may not look threatening, but that's only cause it's not. But we have Cedric Diggory.

4. Honeydukes Nails

Honeydukes is the wizarding sweets shop located in Hogsmeade village. They sell delicacies like chocolate frogs and Jelly beans that taste like earwax. What's not to love?

5. Harry Potter Nail Design

This set of nails features two accent pieces, with Harry Potter himself and the HP logo, surrounded with burgundy nail polish to match Gryffindor.

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