You Can Buy Insane Giant Halloween Decor From Home Depot This Year

Spooky Season has become such a big deal these days, you can go to almost any store to get decorations. But you won’t find any items that go as big or as hard as the Home Depot Halloween 2023 collection.

1. 12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes LCD Eyes, $299

The one who started it all and is still standing tall. As long as you secure him properly.

2. 6 ft. Animated Giant Green Dragon

This was the big ticket item in 2022. And this year, he’s just Ken.

3. 7 ft. LED Animated Ursula with Eels Inflatable, $149

If you couldn’t get enough of the live-action Little Mermaid, then this is the Halloween decoration for you.

4. 8 ft. Giant-Sized Spider, $299

We told our editor that we were afraid of spiders, but they made us include this on the list anyway. Moving on!

5. 6 ft. Inflatable Nightmare Before Christmas Scene, $155.98

We call this one, “A Hallmark Halloween.” We always knew Jack Skellington was a softie.

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