You’ll Look Like A 10 In Any Of These Ken Halloween Costumes

It’s pretty obvious that Barbie is going to be the biggest Halloween costume of the year. Well, besides a black outfit with cat ears. But what if you want to do a group or couples costume? We found the best Ken Halloween costume ideas to make an unforgettable costume pairing.

1. Just Ken

She’s Barbie, and he’s…just Ken. Apparently, he’s also “just obsessed” with the color blue. Someone get him a color analysis already.

2. Western Ken

Don’t be surprised when these cowboy boots become your new favorite pair of shoes. Who said Halloween costumes couldn’t have multiple purposes?

3. Beach Ken

Try your best to avoid beaching any one off in this outfit, okay?

4. Ken’s Denim Vest

The outfit that kicked it all off! Spray tan not included.

5. Ken’s Lacrosse Outfit

We’ve never seen a lacrosse player wear a fringe vest, but we’re sure Ken knows what he’s doing. Maybe. A little bit. Every other Wednesday.

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