Kentucky Bourbon Balls Recipe

Make these Kentucky Chocolate Bourbon Balls by dipping a bourbon-infused buttercream frosting in dark chocolate. and topping each with a pecan for a party-perfect look. They’re sweet with a little kick. Great for enjoying during the holidays or while watching the Kentucky Derby!

What Are Kentucky Bourbon Balls?

Kentucky Bourbon Balls were invented in 1938 by Ruth Booe, the confectioner behind Frankfort, Kentucky’s Rebecca Ruth Candies. The company still sells her original Bourbon Balls candies made with a bourbon-infused cream center, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a pecan.

What Kind of Bourbon Should I Use?

Try one of these:  – Buffalo Trace – Blanton’s – Evan Williams – Maker’s Mark – Weller – Woodford Reserve


– ½ cup unsalted butter – 3½ cups powdered sugar – 1 tsp. vanilla extract – ¼ tsp. coarse kosher salt – ¼ cup Kentucky bourbon – 2 cups chocolate chips – 1 Tbsp. coconut oil – 40 whole pecans

1. Sift powdered sugar. 2. Combine butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract in electric mixer on medium speed until it is fully combined. 3. Add salt and bourbon and mix until combined. Place mixing bowl in fridge for 30 minutes.


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