Mermaid Nail Ideas to Complete Your Transformation

Did you watch The Little Mermaid so many times that you memorized every line and choreographed move? Then we bet you’ll love these mermaid nails.

1. Opalescent Scales

This look is a slightly more understated way to say, “I would rather be diving for seashells than explaining how you can print a PDF file for the 10th time.”

2. Sunset Nails with Stars

An ocean sunset has nothing on this manicure. Other than being a way bigger, jaw dropping, daily act of Mother Nature. Okay…well these are a close second.

3. Mermaid Scale Nails

Don’t mind us as we rewatch Aquamarine for the 100th time. (We only wish that was an exaggeration.)

4. Blue and Purple Mermaid Nails

Go big and bold with this mani idea. And then go home, because honestly it’s been a day and you deserve a break.

5. Seashell Nails

There Ariel goes, diving for more forks.

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