35 Micro Tattoo Ideas If You Want To Get Inked, But Also Kinda Don’t

If you’ve always wanted some ink, but a giant wolverine on your back isn’t exactly what you had in mind, this list of micro tattoos is definitely for you.

1. Dino Baby Micro Tattoo

If you loved the Land Before Time animated movies when you were a kid, this is for you. We had them on VHS. Did we just call ourselves old?

2. Live With Purpose

Someones, a permanent tattoo is just the kick you need to start living life with purpose. Or whatever word you get inked. Think “stay freaky” will look as classy in that font?

3. Let’s Hold Hands

This micro tattoo works for everything: BFFs, mother and daughter, father and son, etc. Too bad we can’t get it with us holding a bag of Doritos. On second thought…

4. Swirly Tattoo

This tattoo feels like something between an ancient rune and an ocean wave. Either way let’s hope it brings us the magic we need to win our Bachelorette bracket.

5. Delicate Wristlet

If you can’t remember to put on jewelry to save your life, just get it tattooed. That whole “take one accessory off before you leave the house” rule no longer applies if it’s inked on.

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