19 Trippy Mushroom Nail Designs So You Can Feel Magical

Mushrooms are peculiar little things. Some are delicious, some will kill you, and some will take you on a magic carpet ride. And with the rising popularity of microdosing, it’s no wonder that these fun-guys have found their way into our mouths, our decor, and now, even our fingers. Yes, mushroom nails are totally a thing.

1. Neon Mushroom Nails

The best explanation of what happens when you eat the magic variety. Or, you know, so we heard.

2. Toadstool Mushroom Nails

Why did no one tell us that this is what goes on in the woods?

3. Realistic Mushroom Nails

This nail artist decided to create a visual directory of mushrooms starting with their nails. Only another 10,000 to go if anyone has any fingers to donate.

4. Magical Mushroom Nails

If you like want mushrooms to make you think about quantum physics, these spacey press-on nails are for you.

5. Groovy Mushroom Nails

These are inspired by those vintage kitchen jars that you bought off Facebook marketplace. Both in terms of design and that weird green residue.

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