Our Magic 8 Ball Predicts These Nail Designs Will Be Everywhere in 2023

1. Tortoiseshell Nails

Tortoiseshell nail art is rising on TikTok, and it’s often paired with a neon accent. The classic print is animal-inspired, but not quite so loud. It’ll give you some flair without going full-on Carole Baskin.

2. Pastel Blue Nails

Pinterest is predicting “airy” styles to be big in 2023. You might be wondering how that translates to nails, which are distinctly made of…not air. Think frilly, feminine, flirty, and pastels. Like Bridgerton, but nails.

3. Addams-Core Nail Designs

Wednesday Addams is the coolest girl in class, especially with the release of the new Netflix show starring Jenna Ortega. All things black and gothic are coming for us as beauty trends for 2023.

4. Chrome Nails

Yes, chrome nails were big in 2022. But guess what? They’re not going anywhere. Get that acetone out of here. Instead of only seeing all-over chrome in a traditional color, you’ll start to see other variations on the trend.

5. Pop Art Nails

Pop art or cartoon-inspired nails are only going to continue to gain popularity in 2023. Stock up on black nail polish, because you’re about to be outlining all your nails for the foreseeable future. Your new career as a cartoonist starts today.

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