Go Into 2023 In Style With These Stunning New Year’s Nail Designs

1. Neutral With Glitter Tips

These press-on nails are a stunning mix of flashy, glam, and simple. They’ve got all the joy of glitter without having to clean it out of your crevasses later. Or, worse…our crevasses.

2. Multi Colored Tinsel Nails

This nail design is the perfect way to keep up the festive holiday spirit. But what will last longer? This tinsel design, your Christmas decorations, or your champagne hangover?

3. Black and Gold Glam Press-On Nails

End the year with a bang with these blingy press-on nails. You can wear them to a swanky party, a small gathering, or to fall asleep on your couch at 9 p.m. 

4. Diamond Dust Cuffs

This design is perfect for any minimalist who's going into the New Year ready to Marie Kondo their way into a fresh start. As long as the glitter nail polish makes it into the “gives us joy” pile, we’re cool with it.

5. Gold and Black French Manicure

The classic French manicure gets an edgy upgrade with gold glitter and a cool black accent. Next year may be a new era of your life, but pop punk never goes out of style.

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