Wave Hello To 2024 With These Glamorous New Year’s Nail Ideas

Whether the year 2023 was a good one or not your best, we're ready to wave goodbye with a perfectly manicured hand and welcome in the new year. These New Year's nail ideas for 2024 are the perfect way to do it. So bring this festive list to your favorite nail tech or attempt the nail art yourself. Never too late to get started on your 2023 resolution to learn how to do cool nails, after all.

1. Multicolor Starburst Nails

Starbursts on your nails sounds disgusting (and unsanitary). Unless they’re colorfully drawn starbursts. Then it’s okay, but you still shouldn’t eat them.

2. Silver Starry Nails

Peter Pan was always singing about the second star to the right. We failed astronomy, so we could never find it. But, thankfully, we didn’t fail Nail Art 101, which is where we learned that stars always belong on nails.

3. Glitter Confetti Nail Art

Ah, confetti. The one thing you really hope your friend didn’t include in her wedding invitation. Well, if she did, after you’re done picking it off the floor, you can repurpose it in your New Year’s Eve nails.

4. Gold and Black Glitter Stars

Manifest a better year in 2024 with some glittery French tips and perfectly-placed stars. You may not become a movie star, but you’ll still be the star of your cousin’s New Year’s Eve party.

5. Simple Nude Studs

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They also cost more than our rent, so we're opting for rhinestones instead. On a simple nude nail polish base, we're pretty sure we could do this one at home.

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