19 Nightmare Before Christmas Nails For This Year's Watch Party

Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Now you can start that argument anytime by getting a manicure with nail art featuring your favorite characters from the Tim Burton film. From Oogie Boogie to Sally and Jack, the Pumpkin King, these haunting Nightmare Before Christmas nail designs are the spookiest. And maybe the kookiest.

1. Jack Skellington Christmas Press-On Nails

Director Henry Selick has just returned with the Halloween film Wendell and Wild, so now you've got a stop motion film for each holiday. Uh, sorry Flag Day. Maybe next year? Anyway, here's some festive press-on nails.

2. Zero and Scraps Nails

We’re just going to drool over these cute nails while we wait for the Nightmare Before Christmas – Corpse Bride crossover film.

3. Lock, Shock, and Barrel 3D Nail Art

“Three of a kind. Birds of a feather. Now and forever!” Which is exactly what we say about us, our credit card, and our online shopping problem.

4. Orange & Black Nightmare Before Christmas Matte Nails

These nails will look great for our trip to Halloween Town, Christmas Town, or our personal favorite, Flavor Town.

5. Short Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

If you don't have stiletto-like claws to paint, go with this nail art idea perfect for petite nails.

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