Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos For Those Who Are Serious About Both Holidays

What's this? There's color everywhere! And cool blackwork, too, in these stunning Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos. The empty place in our bones is calling out to be filled with incredible tattoo art of Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, and other beloved Tim Burton characters. We've been obsessed with this movie our whole life, so a tattoo is the next logical step.

1. Whimsical Jack Tattoo

This contrasty Jack seems about to break into song. We love that for him, but hate it when anyone else does it.

2. Tiny Zero Tattoo

This flighty little Zero would be perfect for a fan of tiny tattoos or someone getting their first piece of art. Low commitment, high impact. Which happens to be what we wrote on our last job application.

3. Embroidered Jack Tattoo

This Jack Skellington in embroidery style is so realistic we're studying the pic for stitches. Yeah, we have work to do. What of it?

4. Coffin Jack Tattoo

Looks like Jack's in the doghouse again. That tends to happen when you kidnap Santa Claus.

5. Matching Quote Tattoos

We get weak in the knees about couple tattoos, they're so romantic. Especially when they're of a bug-filled sack and a dead dog. Sniff sniff.

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