33 Fun November Nail Designs to Pregame Thanksgiving

That novelty mani you got for your Halloween costume is getting stale. Look through these November nail designs for your next seasonal idea, even though it's not the most exciting month of the year. Uh, no offense. We've got Scorpio Season manis, Thanksgiving sets, and even nail looks to match the most anticipated movie releases. It's OK, we can totally celebrate Fall and Captain Marvel at the same time.

1. Hispanic Heritage Month Nails

These joyful skulls and flowers absolutely pop off from the shiny black base. We hope someone celebrates our spirit in such style after we pop off from this mortal coil.

2. Matte Black Scorpio Nails

We love a matte nail art look. And the bejeweled middle finger here has us fantasizing about flipping a fancy bird. What? We're Scorpios.

3. Scorpio Season Galaxy Nails

This astrological design is so vibrant and unusual. The abstract swirls make us wish we were on a boardwalk making a spin art tee. And eating fries. Ugh, is it still November?

4. Day of the Dead Skulls and Flowers Nails

These nails have a trendy '70s-style color scheme and flowers reminiscent of kitschy bathtub appliqués. We assume they are marigolds, which are known for guiding the souls of the dead. Looks like they're working.

5. Chrome Details Scorpio Nails

Scorpio girlies, take inspiration from these glossy claws. They bring just the right amount of witchery to this elegant set. Which is maximum.

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