35 Spooktacular October Nail Designs for the Best Month

Fall is in high gear. Leaves are starting to turn and flutter to the ground, and pumpkin patches are calling the name of every influencer in a 20-mile radius. Which means that it’s finally time to start breaking out those October nail designs.

1. Oogie Boogie Nails

Oogie Boogie said it best himself: There’s trouble close at hand. The main trouble here is that if we had such amazing nails, we’d refuse to touch anything. Can we call out sick due to an epic manicure?

2. Neutral Nails

Sometimes, you just want things to be simple. Like these chocolatey color scheme nails. Or like a really good burger. Well, not if you’ve seen The Menu. Wait, have you seen The Menu? OK, we're gonna need you to stop reading and go watch The Menu.

3. Orange Floral Nail Design

Florals? For autumn? Groundbreaking. No, seriously, these are some unique Fall nails. And at least they're not cerulean.

4. Pretty in Pink Poltergeists

On Wednesdays during spooky season, we wear pink ghosts. And instead of trying to make fetch happen, we try to make pumpkin spice trash bags happen. Wait, they already exist? Are people OK?

5. Halloween Symbols

From the bloody French tips to the happy jack-o-lantern, we can’t decide which nail we love most. Luckily, you don't actually have to choose. Libras, rejoice!

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