More Than 31 October Nail Designs to Inspire Your Fall Manicure

From perfect plaid to sinister sparkles, we’re here for these ghoulishly good designs. This month is the best time to break out your favorite Halloween nail art and beautiful Fall colors. Use these as some inspiration for your own October nails.

1. Pastel Scream Nails

These nails inspired by Scream are way too fitting for those of us who consider Skeet Ulrich our first crush. Is that a spoiler?

2. Wednesday Nails

On Wednesdays, we wear these Wednesday-inspired nails. But if you wear them every other day of the week, we wouldn’t blame you. Except for Mondays. Mondays are for lasagna-eating cats.

3. Purple Bat Nails

We’ve gone absolutely batty for these purple French-tipped nails. The color makes them less predictable, so we’re happy to make these our personal Bat Signal. If you see them, bring us coffee.

4. Pumpkin Patch Nails

This set is oh-so-cozy. Wrap us up in a flannel, hand us a PSL, and let  us argue for a few hours about the merits of candy corn. We like to debate both sides. Keeps things interesting.

5. Libra Nails

Libra season lasts from September 23 to October 23, and the dark color scheme of this nail design falls in line with spooky season. A two-for-one special? What is it, our birthday? Yes.

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