Everything You Need For The Perfect Morticia Addams Costume

You can never go wrong with dressing up in a Morticia Addams costume for a party. If you needed any more convincing, the Addams Family is back in the spotlight thanks to Tim Burton’s new series Wednesday. While we love the scary teen that is Wednesday Addams, her mother has our heart. Reportedly in a box on her dresser.

Her long black mermaid dress is one of the essential components of the costume. Bonus: you can always wear it to your ex’s wedding.

If you already have long black hair, you can skip this step. You can also skip this step if you moonlight as a Cher impersonator.

We recommend press-on stiletto nails to give you that femme fatale look. They can also be used to pick up cheese cubes, in case of emergency.

Everyone loves a good smoky eye, and we’re pretty sure Morticia invented it. Just don’t go too overboard, or your costume will quickly transform into Uncle Fester.

Pick a pair of platform heels to give you a towering presence. It makes it easier for men to bow down at your feet.

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