Goodbye Summer, The Pottery Barn Halloween Collection Is Here

Ready or not, the Pottery Barn Halloween 2023 collection is here! And it’s not very good at Hide-And-Seek, so it’s here in all its glory.

1. Handmade Terracotta Jack O’ Lantern, $49.50 – $89

Go ahead. Brag about these terracotta Jack O’ Lanterns instead of carving a real one. It doesn’t clarify who they were handmade by.

2. Gus the Ghost Pillow, $79.50

Sorry, Casper. There’s a new ghost in town.

3. Harry Potter Light Up Mirror Door, $399

Look into this mirror to see your deepest desires! Huh. So that’s what a four-day work week looks like.

4. Skeleton Hand Triple Condiment Server, $79.50

Ahhh…here are all the extra hands we wish we could have to help us with our chores!

5. Lit XL Outdoor Spider, $69

We almost didn’t include this new item because of our complicated relationship with spiders. But then we saw that he’s lit, so we had to include him to appease our inner desire to use Gen Z lingo.

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